Architectural Visualization

3D Modelling

3D modelling for building exteriors, interiors, various products, engineering machinery.

Photo-Realistic Rendering

3D models rendered into photo-realistic, computer generated images.

Fly-Through Animations

Your 3D model realistically rendered and presented in a Fly-through animation.

3D Model Preview

3D floor plans, 3D product model previews. Easy to see and understand the concept.

Virtual Reality

Web-based 360° panoramic view embedded in your website, interactive 3D scenes.

Web Development

Professional Web Development services for your 3D Architectural Visualization projects.

Why should you use 3D visualization?

3D Modelling

Using high-end 3D development software we can transfer your development blueprints, schemes to 3D models. This can be anything as long as you have a scheme or at least a rough idea, for example:

  • House – exterior,
  • House – interior with furniture,
  • Office building – exterior,
  • Office interior with furniture,
  • Bridges, tunnels,
  • Product (furniture, car part, telephone etc.),
  • Engineering machinery,
  • Even a spaceship, anything really.
3D Product Rendering 1-33D Product Rendering 2-3

3D models allows you and your customers see buildings or products in a finished form before they have been built or manufactured.

Once we create a 3D model of your building, products or engineering machinery we can then create:

  • Realistic images, with applied textures, lightning and other features, which will look like photographs;
  • 3D fly-through videos / animations for beautiful presentations;
  • Web pages on your website with embedded 3D models to enable preview of your 3D models online;
  • Interactive game-type 3D scenes, where you and your clients can interact with your 3D models;
  • Virtual Reality scenes, where you and your clients can use Virtual Reality goggles to look around your 3D models.

Photo Realistic Rendering

Once we have a 3D model of your Building Exterior, Building Interior, Product or Machinery, we can then create photo-realistic images with it.

There are three main ways to represent your model within photo-realistic image:

  • Your item with no surroundings in white (or any other color) background;
  • Artificial surroundings, other 3D items (trees, cars, people, other buildings etc.);
  • Real photograph augmented with your 3D model.

Display how your object will look when completed.

Augmented 3D Before After 3-1Augmented 3D Before After 3-2

Computer Generated Images – Exterior, Interior

Display your object in multiple variations

Show your clients many variations for the same building interior, product or machinery, for example:

  • Offer multiple interior designs,
  • Display building or interior in multiple sun light settings (morning, day, night etc.),
  • Display your product in different colors, shades.

Fly-Through Animations

We create professional 3D Animations for your Building Exterior, Interior, Product or Machinery presentations and other marketing purposes.

Depending on your project scope and requirements, it can be very simple or very detailed Fly-Through animation.

3D Model Preview

Drag the image to rotate it


    Embedded directly to the website

    Your 3D building exteriors, interiors, 3D floor plans, products or machinery can be displayed on your company’s website or project’s website. Your visitors will be impressed.

    Users from anywhere in the World will be able to see your detailed 3D model in an interactive way – to turn it around, see it from all sides, zoom in, zoom out.

    Simplified 3D model previews can be embedded directly to your website and previews with more interaction can be embedded using appropriate 3rd party applications.

    If your company or your project does not have a website yet, please check our Web Development for more information or Contact Us.

    Embedded using third party application

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      Embedded directly to the website

      There are even more interesting ways to display your 3D models. We will find the most suitable way depending on your project requirements.

      Virtual Reality

      Web-based 360° panoramic view

      The most interactive way to display your 3D Projects is Virtual Reality.

      Objects placed within Virtual Reality allow you to get inside, look around, walk around, interact with your object.

      There are few different ways to create Virtual Reality with your 3D objects:

      • Web-based 360 panoramic view. Simplest VR solution, which can be viewed from your website;
      • Augmented Reality, where your 3D object can be seen live, very useful with engineering machinery;
      • Game-type applications, where you can move around your 3D object as in a computer game;
      • Applications for VR Goggles, where you can interact with your 3D object using Virtual Reality goggles.

      Augmented Reality

      Interactive VR application for VR goggles

      Depending on the scope and the budget of your To-Be-Built project, we will find and develop the most suitable VR solution.

      Contact us for more details.

      3D Visualization +

      Web Development

      Your 3D Visualization Projects can be published online. With some digital marketing it can reach millions of people from all over the World.

      Well presented Visualization projects on your website can significantly increase your brand awareness and your sales.

      Depending on your project, your website can be open for public access or private and available for your selected clients only.

      Depending on the scope of your project and the expected audience, we can develop an appropriate web project.

      You can see an example how 3D Architectural Visualization could be implemented into your business or project website.

      We build websites using reliable and secure web development platforms like WordPress.

      These platforms allow us to build Fast, Secure, Reliable and Mobile friendly websites. To find out more, please check our Web Development services.